David Arch: here comes the general

We are back, and we want you to join us in the room where it happens with David Arch.  David is a multi-talented lighting director and lighting programmer, and among his credits are 40 Broadway shows including Hamilton and On Your Feet.  Those, however, are only one part of a career that has spanned continents, genres and decades.

David got is start designing lighting for bands in his native Australia.  He made his way to the US while on tour with the band Icehouse, and made connections there that would lead to work on major rock tours.  That led to his first jobs on Broadway in 1996 and his career has built steadily since then; it now encompasses live television, major events, rock tours, and international theatricals.

When we sat down with David, he gave us some incredible insights into how the job of programmer came to be, what he had to do with molding it, and how he prefers to work and interact with lighting designers.  He told us about the early days of programming in New York, and how he and the others who were forging this new path found ways to help each other and grow the business.  He also went into detail about how he prepares shows to tour and some things everyone should know about negotiations.

As always, thanks for downloading and listening, and thanks to David for taking the time to join us!