Kellen McNally: Accuracy in surveys, models, and layouts lead to more successful designs

We all love the massive lighting systems we see at outdoor festivals, but when environmental and safety requirements necessitate accurate placement of dozens of elements, who makes it happen?  As we become increasingly dependent on lighting and video previsualization, where do sufficiently accurate 3D models of venues come from?  After years of adjustments, renovations, and changes, what can venues do to get all their drawings and paperwork back on track?

Our guest Kellen McNally of Productions On Point has the answers.  He specializes in surveying, mapping, drafting, modeling, and layout for venues and sites of all kinds and at every step of the way.  We discuss the technology he uses, applications for the kind of services he provides, and why this kind of extreme accuracy in layout will become ever more critical.  We also had a chance to talk about entrepreneurship in the business – until a few years ago, Productions On Point was simply an idea Kellen got after watching a festival site get laid out inefficiently.

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