Welcome to Casting Light, the entertainment lighting podcast

Casting Light features leading practitioners of the art, craft, and business of entertainment lighting.  Press releases and sound bites only tell a little bit of the story, whether that story is about a career, a production, or a product.  Our three primary focuses are:

  • Lighting designers, particularly those who cross over between multiple parts of the business.  Photos, plans, and gear lists only go so far - what can we learn from them when we take a deeper look at their projects and careers?

  • Programmers, lighting directors, and production electricians - the allied professionals who are critical to the execution of a design.  What are they doing on an individual basis, and how did they get where they are?

  • Other professional careers in lighting, including software programming, fixture design, and manufacturer representation.  What can we learn from the practitioners, and what opportunities are out there?

The purpose is to bring these perspectives to an audience of students, practitioners, and allied industry associates, to serve the need for user-driven information, and create a forum for sincere, unscripted community interaction.  Look for new episodes on the first and fifteenth of every month.