Steve Lieberman: tripping the light fantastic

A great light show has been an element of the most well-loved and successful nightclubs and music venues since Jules Fisher and Paul Marantz put together the iconic designs for Studio 54 40 years ago.  It took some time for promoters, club owners, and event producers to catch on, though – when Steve Lieberman entered the business 25 years ago, he didn't know he was getting in on the ground floor of an industry that was about to grow into a global powerhouse.  While he started lighting events and parties with 5000 attendees, he now lights massive, multi-day events that see 150,000 attendees per day.

From Electric Daisy Carnival to Ultra to Coachella, Steve and his company SJ Lighting travel the world using lighting, video, and scenery to create environments for festivals, EDM events, and nightclubs.  Steve joined us to discuss all elements of this unique part of the business, how both it and his career blossomed together, and how he assembles, manages, and operates the massive electronic dance music shows he is known for.  We also discussed his work as a nightclub designer, what documentation and paperwork go into making a club design actually work, and what some of the pitfalls are in that end of the business.

Many thanks to Steve for joining us, and many thanks to you for downloading and listening!