Daniel Connell: take us to church

Lighting and production design for houses of worship combines the design needs and skills for theater, concerts, and television in a new segment of the industry.  This market is still evolving as more churches and organizations decide to add production to their services, and our guest Daniel Connell casts a long shadow in it.  Daniel worked in theater, concerts, and live events as a designer and technician before finding a home in church production, and he took some time from his busy schedule to tell us about his career, his thoughts on design, and the business itself.

Daniel discovered the lighting business in high school, and soon found his way to Theatrical Lighting Systems in Huntsville, AL.  He worked and toured with rock, Christian, and country music acts, but it was at Church On The Move in Tulsa that he found his true purpose.  Now, he specializes in live events and house of worship installations as both a lighting and production designer.  He described the rise of church production, told us about his design philosophy and inspirations, and shared some advice for people entering the business as both designers and technicians.

Thanks for downloading and listening!  Visit Daniel's website at www.danielconnell.com