Bobby Hale: High End fixtures need high-end solutions

We use complex automated lighting fixtures every day in every segment of the business – but how are they conceived, designed, and built?  Bobby Hale, our final guest of Season One and a Business Development Manager for High End Systems, has some answers to those questions.  He has been with High End for over 15 years, and was a product manager and engineering operations manager for many of those years.  During this episode, we look in depth at High End's new SolaSpot Pro 1500 fixture, the history of High End and some of the innovations they brought to the market, and what Bobby does at HES.

The SolaSpot Pro 1500 is a white light LED fixture which produces 20,000 lumens using a 400w source, creates an excellent flat field with crisp pattern and shutter edges, and generates very little noise.  We discussed how it, and other products from HES history, came to be, and what high-output white light LED sources can do for us now and in the future.  Join your host Jason Marin and returning co-host Theresa Unfried as we learn about ground-up fixture design, how LED sources can and will replace short arc lamps, and how things work in the design and engineering departments at High End.

Thanks for the great first year – we'll see you back here in September!