Laura Frank: Building a new paradigm for media management, programming, and planning

Today's televised events tend to lean heavily on video; in some cases, 80% of the scenery is actually a video surface.  How does the content for all that real estate get created, handled and played back seamlessly?  To find out, we sat down with Laura Frank: a screens producer working on some of the highest profile events in the world, including the MTV Video Music Awards, the CMT Music Awards, and Black Girls Rock!, as well as theatricals, corporate events, and other productions too numerous to mention.

Laura got her start working electrics in New York in the early 90's, and quickly found a home at the lighting desk.  She distinguished herself as a top-flight programmer on the Hog, MA, Virtuoso, and Icon consoles, programming on Broadway, for feature films, and on major events.  When she saw digital lighting on the horizon, she started changing direction, and today works entirely in media.

Through her company, Luminous FX, she provides the full gamut of services needed to turn a concept or idea into an amazing show: content templates & specification, 3D design visualization, content production, and server programming.  Laura says that in her role as screens producer, she's not a designer, not a technician, but a creative partner who communicates the designers’ creative intent through the highly technical video system.  She shares the tools and solutions she uses for multi-screen video environments at LFX Studio.

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