Anne E. McMills: She wrote the book on Assistant Lighting Design

Anne McMills knows well how important the job of Assistant Lighting Designer is.  She has been an Assistant and Associate LD on an incredible array projects over the last 15 years, from Broadway to Vegas to touring to television, and has employed many Assistant and Associate LDs on her own design projects all over the US.  A unique and interesting combination of skills and knowledge are required for the job, but for all of its importance, there have been few reliable resources for learning about it.  Anne has decided to change that by creating the Assistant Lighting Designer's Toolkit, a resource that provides description, instruction, paperwork, and strategies as well as offering the voices and points of view of dozens of other working professionals.

Join your host Jason Marin and returning co-host Carrie Wood as we discuss Anne's career.  We talked about her theatrical lighting and projection designs, her work with previous podcast guest Fred Bock on The Tonight Show, her experience with architectural lighting design firm E Squared Lighting Design, and her role as Head of Lighting Design at San Diego State University.  We also discussed how her book came to be and how she fit writing it into her already busy schedule.

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