Mitchell Bogard: TV LD from Rachael's kitchen to Big Bird's nest


During a career spanning over 35 years, Mitchell Bogard has lit a huge number of television shows, theatricals, and dance performances.  His TV work, as both lighting designer and lighting director, has included many well known on-air personalities, including Rachael Ray, David Letterman, and Big Bird.  His work has earned him a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Direction for his work with Bill Berner on Between The Lions, and earned him nominations for the same award for Sesame Street (shared with Bill Berner) and Rachael Ray (shared with Alan Blacher).

Join your host Jason Marin and co-host Stephanie Shechter as we sit down with Mitchell to discuss his career, daily operations on a television show, and some of the remarkable things he's done.  We talked about how he got an early love for theater and performance from attending Broadway shows, his early career working and touring all over the world with dance companies, and how he spent a summer learning to be a puppeteer.  He went on to tell us how he learned how to take what he already knew about lighting and apply it to on-camera work as his career transitioned.

Many thanks to Mitchell for joining us, answering our questions, and holding nothing back.  Thanks for checking out our sixth episode!