Marty Postma: Concert LD, media designer, lighting & video programmer

While concert lighting is different from lighting for theater, television, and live events, it has been influenced by and has influenced the practice and practitioners of all three.  Marty has designed lighting and media for some of the largest musical acts around and has toured all over the world with them, but began his journey with a BFA in theatrical lighting design.  He has also programmed for other designers, on projects ranging from feature films to ice shows to televised galas, and has a reputation for staying cool no matter how much pressure is on.

Join your host Jason Marin and co-host Stephanie Shechter as we sit down with Marty to discuss the challenges of designing, assembling, and touring a concert system, as well as the challenges of working live with an artist in a festival environment.  We talked about how video  and lighting can work together, both as individual design elements and as partners in creating live broadcasts and webcasts.  We also discussed the business of design and handling changing client expectations, heard some advice for current and would-be programmers, and talked about Marty's earlier work in New York's biggest nightclubs.

Big thanks to Marty for his time and willingness to answer all our questions.  You can learn more about him and his work at

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