Eric Cornwell: master of software and lighting design


Eric has had a long and distinguished lighting design career, working everywhere from Broadway to Beijing, in disciplines ranging from theater to dance to opera to permanent installations.  Join your host Jason Marin as we discuss the art, business, and life of lighting design, talk about technology's place in the industry, and take a look at some of Eric's work over the years.

Eric joined the industry at a pivotal time, as the lighting business was growing increasingly dependent on computer technology.  By designing and coding software that would help him do his job as lighting designer, Eric joined the first wave of developers serving the lighting industry.  You can learn more about his software products at his company’s site, West Side Systems.

We also discussed some other interesting projects Eric has under way, including Virtual Magic Sheet, an open-source software product which displays live lighting control information in a visual layout that users design to their own needs.

Thanks for checking out our fourth episode!