George Gountas: making the biggest lighting rigs work every time


George left theater school in May 2004, and was working on the Summer Olympics one month later.  His success has been nothing short of phenomenal, so we were thrilled to have a chance to ask him about his career as a gaffer and production electrician.  He's been one or the other on live TV broadcasts like sporting events, massive events like 12/12/12, TV shows like Smash, and hybrids of all of the above.

Join your host Jason Marin and co-host Calvin Lai as we sit down with George to discuss his career, how he found his way, and what he does to stay present in his families' life while doing the job.  We discussed the job of gaffer in detail, how it it both similar and different from being a production electrician, and how critical joining a labor union can be for people who plan to make a career in the business.

Many thanks to George for joining us and filling in what we didn't know so completely.  Thanks for checking out our seventh episode!