Kevin Campbell: 30 years of visuals, from slide projectors to the D3 media server


The difference between a projection design executed with twenty slide projectors and one executed with two HD 10K projectors is huge - or is it?  Kevin Campbell has done both and so much more, always pressing technology into use to serve his ultimate purpose: creating mood, atmosphere, light, and artistry with imagery.  He sat down with us to discuss his work, what lighting designers need to know about video, and how he learned to think of video as something far more than a means to display a narrative.

Kevin's passion for video visuals has taken him around the world in the last 30 years.  He has worked with bands of every size to create imagery and 3D video environments for their tours and one-off performances, with directors to add layers of atmosphere to their theatrical productions, and with event producers to fill parties with psychedelic visuals and light.  He has used NASA 3-gun projectors, built VJ rigs to his own specifications, and worked with one of the greatest video artists of them all, Nam June Paik.

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