Al Crawford: designer, business owner, educator, empire builder


It's our first show of 2015, and we're talking with Al Crawford, who has his hands in just about everything in the lighting business.  On any given week, he and his team from Arc3 Design might be supervising lighting on an Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater tour, lighting a state dinner at the White House, cueing a theatrical performance, choosing fixtures for a building facade, or reviewing applicants for a design fellowship.  Somehow, he found time to sit down with us for a very enlightening conversation.

Join your host Jason Marin, and returning co-host Theresa Unfried of TAJ Event Productions, as we discuss Al's company, projects, and workflow.  We discussed what happens in preparation for and during an Alvin Ailey tour, what excites and frustrates him about the state of lighting technology, and where he sees the business going in the future.  We also talked about a few things people entering the business should know, including some information about the Gilbert Hemsley Lighting Fellowship.

Many thanks to Al for all his insight, and of course, many thanks to our listeners for downloading our latest episode!