Chris Lose: lighting director and programmer on tour, on ships, and in demand

Hailing from Las Vegas, Chris Lose has had a varied and consistently interesting 17-year career in the business.  He found theater in high school, went pro during college, got another education at Vari*Lite, went out on cruise lines as a production manager and lighting director, and went on tour as a dimmer tech.  He worked his way into the Cirque Du Soleil family, became the lighting designer at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, then went back out on tour as a lighting director / programmer; first with The Voice, then with Fleetwood Mac.

Through all that time, Chris' skills and positive attitude have seen him get bigger shows, bigger responsibilities, and bigger chances to thrill the audience.  We got to talk about how he built his career, how he got to spend 18 months touring the world with Fleetwood Mac, and what makes a good programmer / lighting director.  We also discussed some of the responsibilities and surprises of his jobs, how a venue like The Joint works, and what he hopes comes next in the world of lighting control.

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