Randy Wade: the Morpheus circle is complete

Randy is the Senior Accounts Manager at Morpheus Lights, which is both a major production rental shop as well as the US distributor for Ayrton LED lighting fixtures.  He has been in sales and rentals for 27 years, having gotten his start at Morpheus back in the early 80's and then moving on to work for and with many of the industry's leaders and innovators.  Randy has been back with Morpheus for just over a year, and both he and they are up to some very exciting things!

Randy's career has given him some amazing insight into the business, how it works, and what has changed over time.  We heard about Randy's time as a writer and editor with Performance Magazine, a critical publication at a critical time for our industry, his initial time with Morpheus when he was responsible for handling some of their highest profile clients, and some stories from his time in concert audio rentals, including supplying audio for the main stage at Woodstock '94.  We got to discuss the Ayrton product line that Morpheus distributes, including the MagicPanel, MagicBlade, DreamPanel Twin, and the amazing CosmoPix-R, and also got to hear how designers are using them in creative ways on tour and on camera.

Finally, Randy has become a proponent and part of the Event Safety Alliance, a non-profit trade association created by Jim Digby committed to eliminating unsafe behaviors and conditions throughout our industry.  Safety for performers, technicians, and audience members is something that should come first for every member of the business, so check them out.

Thanks for downloading and listening, and have a wonderful holiday season!