Vickie Claiborne: control systems expert and educator extraordinaire

New Years Eve at Aria, photo courtesy Kelly McKeon

New Years Eve at Aria, photo courtesy Kelly McKeon

In 2000, Vickie Claiborne was head lighting programmer on the opening and closing ceremonies for the Sydney Olympics – and she was just getting started.  Over the course of her distinguished 25 year career, she has programmed lighting and media for shows and trained lighting & media programmers all over the world.  Join us as we discuss how she went from a small theater in Branson, Missouri to the Rock In Rio festival earlier this year, her thoughts on training & education, and how a lighting programmer can get into media programming.

Vickie was Programmer and Training Manager for High End Systems until 2006, where she handled hundreds of shows and trained thousands of programmers on Wholehog 2 and Hog 3 products.  In 2008, she joined PRG Las Vegas as a Product Specialist, where she is responsible for supporting every control system PRG provides as well as the Series 400 Power & Data Distribution System.  She also continues to program and design shows, including the massive New Years Eve event at the Aria resort in Las Vegas.

Vickie's passion for education and helping others led her to write her first book, Media Servers For Lighting Programmers, published by Focal Press.  In the book, as she does in her many other roles, Vickie calls on her vast experience in lighting and media to explain, clarify, and teach.  Vickie is also is a contributing writer for PLSN magazine, covering digital media topics.

If you're attending LDI this year, you can catch Vickie on the four Art Of Programming panels, all taking place on Thursday, 10/22.  She's also on Twitter at vickieclaiborne.  Thanks for checking out our latest episode!