Brad Schiller Part 2: Building The Machines

"If you wish to make apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe" – Carl Sagan

In order for us to go through the process of creating lighting for theatricals, events, broadcasts, films, and performances, any number of other creative processes needed to happen first – including the specification, design, and engineering of luminaires and control consoles.  We dive into some of those in the second half of our interview with Brad Schiller, and discuss his time as a product manager for High End Systems and Philips Vari*Lite, and his current job as Business Development Manager for Lighting Rental & Touring at Martin Professional.

Brad has been involved with the design and creation of some of the industry's iconic products.  At High End, it was the Hog 4 control platform.  At Vari*Lite, it was the VL4000 Spot and BeamWash.  Today at Martin, it's a new control concept he can only hint at.  We discussed the development process, how he manages products, and what taking a role on the corporate side of the business is like.  We also heard about Martin's current line, and how their philosophy differs so radically from other manufacturers Brad has worked with.

For more Brad, check out the first half of our interview.  We talked about his work as a lighting director, programmer and writer, including his book The Automated Lighting Programmer's Handbook and monthly PLSN column about programming.  If you're attending LDI this year, you can catch Brad on the four Art Of Programming panels, all taking place on Thursday, 10/22.  He also writes In The Know, an insider blog about Martin Professional.  Thanks for listening to our latest episode!