Dennis Parichy Part 2: Sharing a legacy, educating the next generation

We are back for part two of an interview with "The best creator of mood, time and place through light in the contemporary theatre," as per the Cambridge Guide to the American Theater.  There was still so much to talk about with Dennis and Mike Baldassari, who joined us once again, including Dennis' work with Athol Fugard, his book Illuminating The Play, and his thoughts and philosophy on teaching lighting design.

We had a chance to take a close look at Athol Fugard's play Playland and discuss how Dennis analyzed the script to determine a course of action, and we also discussed his design for Crimes Of The Heart, where he had to take a radically different approach.  We discussed his work with Penn And Teller, from Westside Arts Center through Broadway and major tours, and his work with People's Light and Theater Company.  We also had a chance to talk about how his book came to be, and why it focuses so heavily on the specifics of why and how each show was designed rather than theory.

Thanks for listening to Season 2 of the Casting Light Podcast, and thanks to Mike for joining us for the final two episodes of the season!  We'll be on hiatus for the rest of the summer, coming back in the fall with more.  Whether you're in the air-conditioned comfort of a studio or trying to stay cool at an outdoor stage, have a good show!