Scott Barnes: making movies one cue at a time

Scott has worked with cowboys, aliens, the Whos down in Whoville, recording stars, and marvelous superheroes of all kinds, and now we're lucky enough to have him on our show.  He's a highly specialized Wholehog programmer, working almost exclusively on big-budget, general release films.  In this episode, we learn how equipment we use on stage and television is adapted and used for everything from interactive scene lighting to stand-ins for supernatural characters, and how his position fits into the lighting team along with the cinematographer and chief lighting technician.

Scott was one of the pioneers in bringing modern computerized lighting control to film sets, and has set the pace for lighting control technology adoption in film.  We got to talk in–depth about the interactive lighting scheme for Guardians Of The Galaxy, how he used Bad Boys to create an alien invasion in Cowboys And Aliens, and what made the Expo in Iron Man 2 work.  We also got to discuss how he sets up control networks, his best practices for staying ahead of things, and how he fits family life into the insanity of a normal filming schedule.

Thanks for joining us for this episode!