Norman Coates Part 1: the life of a designer, the responsibilities of an educator

Just over 40 years ago, Norman Coates took a trip from Philadelphia to New York to see a production of Waiting For Godot.  Before the show was over, he knew he'd found the art he truly loved.  Norman's passion for lighting has driven him to create stunning designs on Broadway and off, for national tours, in regional theaters and opera houses all over the US, and become the Director of Lighting in the Design and Production Department at UNCSA.  He's held that position for over 25 years.

Join us for the first of two episodes with Norman, where we'll hear about his thoughts and philosophy on teaching lighting design, how the program at UNCSA works, and what responsibilities design schools have to their students and to the business.  How much should design schools tailor their coursework for the current state of the industry when the industry is always changing?  If we strive to teach the fundamentals, what are they exactly?

Be sure to come back for the second half of the interview, when we'll discuss the Winston–Salem Light Project, Norman's professional career, and what advice he has for students and new professionals.  Thanks for downloading and listening!