Chris Lee: a life in the theater starts with a single light cue

From the first time he saw a Jules Fisher design on stage, Chris Lee knew what he wanted to be.  His passion for theater has taken him to Broadway, the West End, Tokyo, and all around the world, creating lighting for theatricals, film, opera, television, cruise ships, theme parks, and Las Vegas spectacles.  During the journey, Chris has been nominated for numerous awards, and he's taken home a Helen Hayes Award and an Artvoice Katherine Cornell Award.

Join your host Jason Marin and co-host Theresa Unfried as we discuss elements from Chris' 25-year career in the arts.  We discussed the theatrical projects Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me and Shakespeare's R & J in depth, learned about the process of designing a massive theme park show from the ground up, and got a look at the more corporate world of automobile events.  We also talked about his lengthy and productive relationship with the Signature Theatre; he's designed over 40 shows there.

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