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Season 2:

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Illuminating The Play – Dennis Parichy's lighting design text, described thusly by frequent collaborator Marshall W. Mason: "If you hope either to learn or to improve your craft as a lighting designer, if you hope to elevate your work to the level of art, or if you yearn for recognition of your work … then you should pay close attention to everything Dennis Parichy shares with you in this remarkable book."

Productions On Point – Kellen McNally's company; providers of location surveying, layout, and drafting services for the entertainment industry

SJ Lighting – Steve Lieberman's company, creators of an almost unbelievable amount of designs for music festivals and nightclubs

Daniel Connell – Daniel's site, showcasing his extensive work in concerts, television, architainment, and churches

LightParts – founded in Jan 2004 by Don Pugh and Robert Mokry as the worldwide service center for High End Systems' legacy products, and the first dedicated lighting parts and repair center for entertainment lighting that was not a production or installation company.

YES Theatrical Service & Supply – A division of Young Equipment Sales, a full service theatrical integrator who can provide anything from simple parts and pieces to full theater system.  Kelly O'Connell's home company.

Vickie Claiborne – Vickie's portfolio website, which she keeps updated with photos from her latest and biggest projects, including several of the shows and events we discussed on the show.  You'll also find information there about her book, Media Servers for Lighting Programmers.

Brad Schiller – Brad's personal website, with access to his portfolio and information about his 25 years in the business, including his time at High End, Vari*Lite and Martin, as well as links to his writing and more information about his book The Automated Lighting Programmer's Handbook.  Also visit Brad's blog, In The Know with Brad Schiller, where he writes about Martin products, in-depth tips about features and usage, and about Martin itself.

Luminous FX – Laura Frank's portfolio website, with information and visuals from her work in television, theater, special events, concerts, film, corporate events.  Also visit her sister site LFX Studio, where Laura shares her top down work flow solutions for multi-screen video environments

Season 1:

Anne E. McMills – Lighting designer and associate lighting designer for theatre, television, theme parks, architecture, industrials, concerts, award shows, dance, and opera.  Also Head of Lighting Design at San Diego State

Arc3 Design – Al Crawford's design studio which creates the lighting for over 100 projects annually, including architectural installations at NJPAC, new ballets for Haiti’s Ayikodans, State Dinners for The White House, Cedar Point's Luminosity and The Donkey Show in Miami.

The Assistant Lighting Designer's Toolkit – Anne E. McMills' book about the eponymous career and craft, including description, instruction, paperwork, and strategies for success as well as the points of view of many other working professionals.

Carrie Wood – NY-based lighting designer focusing on dance & special events, and also the Production Supervisor of Licensing for the Merce Cunningham Trust.

Chris Lee – Lighting designer with hundreds of shows to his credit, including legit theater in NY & London, film, opera, television, cruise ships, theme parks, and industrial events. His corporate division, Unit #10, supports and defines brand identity with lighting.

Christie Lites – Large lighting rental and production house with locations throughout the US and Canada.

CS Lighting – Designs and executes custom lighting installations for special events, fashion shows and presentations, print and film shoots, and live broadcast television worldwide.

FLDA – Bruce Ferri and his team, including Fred Bock, are specialists in lighting design multi-camera television production. Their work covers a diverse range of shows on major networks and cable channels.

Guy Smith Productions – Creators of lighting, video, and audio environments for private parties, corporate events, fashion shows, concerts, and theatrical productions.

High End Systems – Started over 30 years ago by a musician, a DJ, and a photographer, now a Barco company and a global innovator and manufacturer of lighting fixtures, lighting controls, and digital lighting products.

L & M Sound and Light – A full-service event production house, offering audio, lighting and video design, specification, installation, and operation, as well as production and event management.

Mike-O-Matic Industries – LD Mike Baldassari's web prescence, featuring information and photos from some of the hundreds of theatricals, tours, events, films, and TV shows he has designed, with links to feature stories and press.

Prelinger Archive – Online resource for film and video works, with the goal of collecting, preserving, and facilitating access to films of historic significance that haven't been collected elsewhere.

Retinal Resonance – LD Marty Postma's site, featuring his work as designer and programmer for lighting and media, as well as more information about him.

Rosco Laboratories – Founded in 1910, manufacturer and innovator of specialized entertainment products, including gobos, gel, fog and haze machines, dance floors, scenic paint and backdrops for theater and film/video.

TAJ Event Productions – Event production house providing scenic construction, lighting, audio, and production management.

Video Visuals – The internet home of projection designer Kevin Campbell, featuring work he has created, images that inspire him, and photos from productions large and small.

Virtual Magic Sheet – An open-source software product which displays live lighting control information in a visual layout that users design to their own needs, created by Eric Cornwell.

West Side Systems – Creators and dealers of software products and services for entertainment lighting design, including Virtual Light Lab.

4 Wall Entertainment – A national, full-service lighting company that specializes in providing rentals, sales, service, and design for temporary and permanent entertainment lighting systems.